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The Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (QRCE) is a Non-Profit organization established in 2004 to help develop Technology Entrepreneurship in Jordan. The Center is part of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, and plays the role of a national Center of Excellence for Entrepreneurship. With the expansion of the role of the center and the development in the strategic plan, QRCE to complete an ecosystem for entrepreneurship development and support in the country starting with the business plan competition involving universities, entrepreneurs and professionals from different sectors. Working closely with local and international organizations; QRCE focuses on areas such as: Networking, Recognition & Awareness, Capacity Building & Support, and Funding.

Over the last 10 years, the center has organized many activities that benefited thousands of entrepreneurs, professionals & students in Jordan:

  • +30,000 People participated in general & special Networking activities
  • +4,000 People participated in Bootcamps, Training Workshops & Mentoring programs
  • +300 Jobs created
  • +100 Startups & Projects supported & recognized
  • +25 High Growth Technology Startups founded
  • +10 National conferences and competitions organized

QRCE Technology Entrepreneurship Initiative

As part of QRCE strategic plan, QRCE is implementing a comprehensive initiative focusing on four key areas:

  1. Networking Track: To help Jordanian Entrepreneurs to network and exchange experience and knowledge.
  2. Recognition & Awareness Track: To create more awareness on potential opportunities in technology startups and recognize innovative and outstanding technology business ideas and startups.
  3. Capacity building & Support Track: To provide Jordanian Entrepreneurs with specialized training, mentoring & support services developed to help them establish, fund, manage and expand their technology companies.
  4. Funding Track: To help Jordanian Entrepreneurs seeking funding for their startups at the seed and early growth stages.