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Our Judges

Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh

A firm believer in Intellectual Property (IP), product roadmaps and brand development, Bashar has become the Middle East IP pioneer, having launched MenaIP, a holding entity with the objective of encouraging creative minds to come up with innovative ideas related to the IT sector. 

He also created the well-known brand MenaITech’s HCIS the first localized HCIS in the MENA region implemented in more than 10 countries by 1200+ enterprises such as Vodafone, Jazeera satellite Channels, Olayyan group, Zain, Emaar and much more. 

Bashar Hawamdeh’s areas of expertise cover HR systems development, project management, process improvement & redesign, business development and IT applications within organizations. In addition, he has hand-on experience in several areas of management consulting & training, which has enabled him to develop business-centric IT products & services.  

In October 2007, Bashar received an Honorary Doctorate in Human Resource Management from Oxford College for Higher/PhD Studies based on his extraordinary achievements in this field in Jordan & the MENA region during the past few years. He is also the Chairman and Co-Founder of the region’s first Human Capital Forum. Bashar holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Mutah, Jordan. 

An accomplished entrepreneur, Bashar has a never-ending drive to get things done on time regardless of effort and cost, rendering him a true leader and innovator. 

Dina Khuffash Dina Khuffash is the Business Development and Marketing Director at Edunation, a plat form for advanced learning management system and more. She is a highly dedicated Education Consultant, Education Inspector, Trainer and Evaluator with more than 14 years of a proven track record in Jordan and the Gulf. Dina holds a BA in Computer Science and worked in the Education Management in different capacities.
Eyas Shuaibi

An entrepreneur at heart with a passion for technology, energy and investment management. Currently, advises on major investments in the energy and mining sector. Worked with high profile clients and initiatives across the Middle East region and North America such as national transformation strategies in sectors of energy, industry, technology and innovation. Eyas has handled numerous investment opportunities at various stages ranging from early startups to global expansion of established businesses. 

Eyas is on the board of  Queen Rania Entrepreneurship Center (QREC) and has been mentor for startups since the inception of the Award.. He holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University.

Specialties: Strategy, energy, technology, entrepreneurship, and creativity

Firas Abu Wishah

Firas Abu Wishah is a member of the Board of Directors at Petra Engineering Industries, a family owned designer and manufacturer of commercial and industrial air-conditioning equipment located in Amman, Jordan. 
Firas graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2003.
At present Petra exports to over 40 countries worldwide. In the United States alone, Petra has a presence in over 25 states, with over 850 projects installed nationwide. 

Verizon Communications and Lockheed Martin represent some of Petra’s oldest repeat clients having equipment installed in more than twenty sites. Other Petra clients include: NASA, the Empire State Building, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Walt Disney World, and Trump Tower Hawaii. 

In the Middle East, Saudi Aramco, SABIC, the Kuwait Oil Company, Qatar Petroleum, Ras Gas, Qatar University, the St. Regis AD, Emirates Aluminum, Royal Jordanian, and the King Hussein Cancer Center are among Petra's clients. 
Firas is the Founder and President of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) chapter in Jordan. He is also a member and former board member of the Middle East Leadership Academy, affiliate of the Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF). 

Firas is married and has two boys, Kareem and Layth.

Jamil Al Khatib

Jamil Alkhatib is an Innovation and Technology Management expert with more than 15 years of global experience as Innovator, manager, and consultant in the fields of Innovation systems development, Innovation Funding and Technology Commercialization.

During his work he mentored and coached several organizations’ leaders as well as benchmarked SMEs innovation ability and performance to accelerate the new products development process. Moreover he conducted various training programs and seminars in different areas related to innovation and creativity to public and private sector and universities as well.

In addition to that, Jamil has:
- worked in the electronics and telecommunications equipment with organizations like Siemens
- has developed educational programs for children
- been an entrepreneur as founder of OpenTechnologies (Tunisia), a company involved in electronics and design development.

Jamil holds a Masters degree in Technology and Innovation Management from FH-Brandenburg and BTU Cottbus (Germany) plus a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Birzeit University, Palestine. Jamil is global operator having lived in 5 countries and interacted with 50 cities. 

Specialties: Innovation Management, Technology Management, Technology Forecasting, Technology Commercialization, Technology Transfer, Product life cycle management.

Omar Sukhon

It is very challenging to write about my own strengths and weaknesses, because sometimes there is a huge gap between what I think I am and what I really am! To get an objective description I tried to ask my friends and colleagues who know me very well that what they think about me. I think one of my distinguishing strength is the diversity of experiences I possess. I have studied Industrial Engineering specializing in Gold manufacturing industry and I have wide experience in IT and Telecom for more than 23 years of full time and part time work experience at different industries. All these elements have given me a very broad point of view.

I took my second degree in Marketing in year 2000 as I was planning to change career from an industrialist to project planning and market research, due to my experience as an entrepreneur in the IT sector, I had to work hard on my IT skills to understand the industry in many different aspects to survive in very challenging market, I self-taught myself all I needed to start generating business but back in 1995 there was the revolution of Internet in Jordan so i needed to understand this industry to enable me compete in this fast moving industry, so I worked with two telecom companies and learned a whole lot from whom we consider today the masters of telecom in Jordan.

I always try to care about those around me regardless of their wealth or social class. I make an effort to show respect and treat all people with dignity without distinction whatsoever of race, gender, religion, national or any other distinguishing feature. I am patient but to a limit, as I like to give people around me a chance to learn, but I lose my patience if they keep doing the same mistake over and over, may at the first glance it seems a strength but not about me.

Finally I know to have a successful life both in personal and career, I need to know myself. And I am working not only to strengthen my strength but also improve my weaknesses.

Ruba Al Zoubi An Institutional Development and Transformation Agent. Believer in the 'can do' principle and dedicated to community-oriented development and promoting synergy between economic development, environment and society. Strong advocate for green economy/ investments and passionate about cleantech innovation and social entrepreneurship.

A mentor, trainer, speaker, facilitator and enjoys writing about Jordan's potential and development aspects.

With over 15 years of professional experience in sustainable development policy and planning, environmental reform (regulatory and institutional), sustainability mainstreaming into development sectors, strategic planning, project management, organizational development and donor coordination. Contributed to the successful implementation of a number of key reform and development projects in the sustainable development arena. Diverse experience in public sector, non-for-profit, consulting companies as well as international organizations.

First female Director and first Policy Director at the Ministry of Environment. Chosen to establish the environmental sustainability as well as the corporate planning and organizational development portfolios in the newly established Development and Free Zones Commission. Proud to be Jordan's Eisenhower Fellow for 2012 and named as 2012 Ward Wheelock Fellow. I'm a co-founder of Jordan Green Building Council and is currently active in social innovation and volunteer with several non-for-profits. Received leadership and sustainability training in the US and Europe including participation in Aspen Institute Seminar "From Success to Significance" and KAFD/IDG leadership and policy training in Sandhurst Military Academy.
Serene Duwayri 

Serene Duwayri was educated in Jordan, Italy, USA and UK. She has a Masters of Business Administration from Lancaster University (UK) and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Jordan (Jordan). Serene has solid professional experience and in-depth knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, financial advisory, management and strategy consulting, and business development. Her work experience covers private, public and third sectors, on local, regional and international arenas. 

Ms. Duwayri has advised financial investors and strategic decision makers in domestic and cross-border alliances and operations in a range of industries including technology, high-value added, financial, defense, manufacturing and service industries. Additionally, she has led the development and implementation of several projects for national and multinational companies covering various disciplines including organizational development, cultural transformation, business strategies, supply chain, and operational development. Recently, Serene has been undertaking financial and consulting advisory roles with various corporate and consulting firms in Jordan. Today, she is managing a business incubation and angel investment programs in Jordan. 

Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategic Consulting, Business Management Support, and Project Management.

Yousef Wadi

Yousef Wadi is a Computer engineering graduate from the German Jordanian University that has focused his career path on online Products and Technologies merging between user experiences and advanced Technology. He has started his Online Product experience as a Contractor for Microsoft selling Online Rich Media Products to Global players like Yahoo, after that he has joined Yahoo as a Senior Product Manager handling Video on Demand systems, Geo-Location and Geo-Service products as well as Yahoo’s Custom IE based browser. Post to working with Yahoo, he has worked with a startup named 7awi as a Senior Product Executive where he has taken the famous offline regional brand Layalina to the online space gaining fast traction through its unique online experience making it rank #1 in its category MENA wide within 4 months only.

Currently Yousef is a Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Arabiaweather, working with Weather Technologies, Online Media Technologies as well as TV Automated Media Products that focus on weather. He aspires to bridge between “low level raw data tech engines” with online and Rich Media Applications to give users the best experience and accuracy. Currently he is responsible for all Arabiaweather Products including the Weather Technology, Online Web, Mobile and B2B custom products like TV And Media as well as Aviation. 

Ziad Almasri Ziad comes with  20+ years of experience in research, design and implementation of mobile & internet products and services.  Marketing strategist and business developer, with a deep knowledge of the ICT sector including mobile operators, mobile apps/browsers and technology startups in addition to building and mentoring top-performing teams and facilitate successful strategic partnerships.